FindSpacefor Short Term Rental Space

Short term rentals are used to promote, occupy or even sell products in new market. You can rent a space in any locality to reach out to your customers or even have a workplace for short duration.

Short term Commercial Rentals are becoming more and more popular nowadays, because of the perks that come along with them. Although, every business understands that getting a right space at the right time is very important, very few are lucky to have that opportunity because of unavailability, difficultly in accessing spaces, unrealistic terms or even unreliable sources.

Are you craving to test a market or trying to reach out to new customers? If getting the perfect space to try these is stopping you from getting the balls rolling, we have the perfect solution that can help you reach new markets, customers, better environment and with affordable options. Moreover, the best part is there is no lease and no security deposit.

Some of the short term rentals include Office Space, Shared Space, Retail Space, Kiosk Space, Marketing Space, etc.

Why rent a short term space from FindSpace? empowers businesses and brands to rent a perfect commercial space for short term with No lease, No security deposit and Hassle Free. FindSpace has an exclusive agreement with landlords and owners looking for short term tenants.
For Tenants
  • Rent a space for 6 months or below with no lease and no security deposit.
  • Try new markets or kickstart your business.
  • Affordable and easy access to high rise and posh localities.
  • Very less upfront costs.
For owners
  • Rent out your unutilized or underutilized space.
  • Easily get tenants for your space.
  • Monetize your space for free on FindSpace.
  • We will bring in only those tenants who match your criteria.

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