Generate revenue by making your space more visible

List your space
List your space to renters that are eager to build amazing experiences in your space. It takes only few minutes to list your space with us. We take high quality pictures and a video of your space for better visual experience.
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How much space should I rent out?

No amount of space is too small or too big. You can offer entire store, or rackspace, or wall space, or floor space in a section of your store, or outside area, during or after your regular business hours or on your holidays. You can also rent space for temporary kiosks or booths. Renters need a place to sell and promote their goods.

Who is renting?

Large and up-and-coming brands are actively looking to rent commercial space on short term basis, ranging from one day to one year. Short term rentals gives them a low risk way to gain market exposure and sales. Big online only e-commerce retailers are also coming offline for testing local markets and customer discovery.

Convert footfall to sales

Hosting your space for short-term rentals will give both you and renters better visibility and footfall. Ability to draw more people in will make the property more accessible. For an empty space, having an occupant now could ultimately lead to more demand.

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Hassle Free Online Booking will market your listing to companies that meet your criteria. For eg: A renter selling bread in a restaurant space is a big no no. Your space will not be listed for rent to business categories blacklisted by you.
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How does pricing work?

You know your space best. You're in control of setting the rental price, hours, minimum number of days and available space. Competitive pricing will bring in more renters and repeat renters to your space.


You will be immediately informed about the booking details on your phone and email. FindSpace™ has fully integrated online payment through PayUMoney platform. Payments will be transferred securely online direct to your bank account.

Blackout dates

You can specify the days that your space will not be available for renting. To avoid duplicate bookings, FindSpace™ will block the dates of all bookings done through us.

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3 Advantage
We are the first and only online marketplace in India connecting renters and commercial space owners for short term rentals. is the place for renters to discover your space. We make sure that your experience is fabulous that you would want to do it again!
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Neutral party

Few space owners require renters to pay a refundable security deposit. We act as a neutral part and hold the security deposit for you. Security deposit will be refunded to renters bank account promptly at the end of rental.

Hassle free

We leave no rock unturned. We convey details about the space to the renter such as what is included in rental, splitting up utility costs, garbage collection, extent to which a renter can control the space etc.


Nitty gritty things do matter. We advise you on how to successfully host a pop-up event. We will communicate with the renter on behalf of you for any issues that may arise. Our vast experience with short term commercial space rentals will help create a harmonious environment for both you and the renter.

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