3 easy steps to find the perfect Commercial Space

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FindSpace.in enables you to rent your dream space on short term basis from few hours to few months. You will have an opportunity to get into your desired local market, whether you want to add a revenue stream or increase brand awareness.
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Variety of spaces:

You can find a space ranging from small rackspace to a huge room. We are the first and only online platform in the Indian market providing commercial spaces for short term rentals. Filter the listings based on your budget and intended use of shop. High quality pictures and videos will give you a virtual experience.

Type of space:

If your primary goal is getting your shop from a concept to opening as soon as possible then renting part of a larger space might satisfy your needs. When your goal is creating customer experience and brand awareness, renting an entire store will give you more control on interior design, open hours etc.

In the perfect locality:

The portal has the perfect spaces at the most popular and visited localities to make sure that your firm takes the flight to success! We understand the need to bring in high footfall for your perfect space.

Why should I launch a pop up?

Online retails in India accounts for less than 1% of the total retail sales. Definitely, the online markets are gearing up and accelerating themselves in the race but none can beat the serene pleasure of traditional physical stores! Besides, a pop up store is a very smart way to enhance brand image and publicize your own brand. Increased sales and better recognition is what you get after a brief pop up!

I am an online retailer. Why should I go offline too?

Online market is a new market and many people are switching towards it. No doubt in the fact that it is the modern way to sell, but how about blending the two worlds and creating a symphony of success? This would grow the business and make it reach to the unknown and the unexplored! Definitely worth giving a try, aye?


The pop ups are affordable as they involve less of a risk and need less resources. One can do this numerable time and make sure that the sales get a boost!

Open a shop under 10k:

There is no dearth of range here. We can go from as little as Rs.1,000 to as much as Rs.1,00,000 depending upon your needs!

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Hassle Free Online Booking
We leave no rock unturned. Call our support team or book your spaces online from your Computer or Phone. We make sure you ask the space owner all the right questions such as what is included in rental, splitting up utility costs, garbage collection, extent to which a renter can control the space etc.
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Be informative:

The key to finding the perfect space is to give every minute detail of your requirement! The more precise is the query, the more precise is the answer.

Rental duration and price:

Tell us how long you need the space for and the intended use of the shop. We will get the booking confirmation from the space owner and block it for you to finish booking within 24 hours.

Book Online:

All bookings done on our platform are safe and secure. Payment processing is done using PayUMoney payment gateway.

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FindSpace.in Advantage
We make sure that your experience is fabulous that you would want to do it again! How good is renting a space without high footfall? We will help you market your product which will help you get more targeted customers.
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Neutral party

Few space owners require renters to pay a refundable security deposit. We act as a neutral part and hold the security deposit for you. Your security deposit will be refunded to you promptly at the end of rental duration.


Nitty gritty things do matter. We advise you on how to successfully run your pop-up shop. Whether you want to get someone for help or do interior design work or for common renting needs, we help you hire professionals in a jiffy from our partner network.

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