FindSpace Broker Partnership Program

FindSpace is looking for independent brokers interested in tying up, to provide an uninterrupted and professional service for people in need of commercial spaces. We believe that an allied partnership between us will help both of us gain a better value in commercial real estate.

Working in new ways and bridging traditional boundaries is, however, extremely challenging and often falls far short of the high expectations of all those involved.

FindSpace Broker Partnership program offers a supporting and strengthening partnerships through innovative and skilled management for brokers, where both can find mutual advantage by either finding a space for your tenant or referring a client a space from the inventory.
How it works on FindSpace?
Brands can use our expertise in commercial real estate to get that perfect space for your business, test new markets and boost their marketing campaigns. We are revolutionising the commercial real estate industry for businesses.
Criteria 1:
  • List a space on
  • Let us help you find perfect tenant
  • We share the commission
Criteria 2:
  • Look for a space on our listing
  • Get a client for the space
  • We share the commission